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2013 IFEST

Unfortunately, the city will not be hosting the International Festival this year. We will be taking this year off to make some adjustments and expect to return next year with a bigger and better International Festival.

To celebrate the diversity present in the City of Baltimore

The International Festival promotes opportunities for people of all ethnicities and backgrounds living in the Baltimore region to come together, build relationships, and embrace unity. Festival-goers can savor delicious cuisines, experience cultural performances, and connect with valuable services and resources. An exciting festival of colors, expression, ideas, and sound - the International Festival is an educational experience which has an enduring impact. For those who participate, children and adults alike, global perspective becomes larger, cultural awareness more enhanced, and the significance of unity more real. Please visit the EVENTS page for more details.


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Alvin O. Gillard
Chair, Baltimore Int’l Festival
Equitable Building, Suite 915
10 N. Calvert Street
Baltimore, MD 21202
(410) 396-3141

Betsy Gardner
Chair, BIF Mayor’s Cup
Soccer Tournament City Hall
100 N. Holliday Street,
Room 250
Baltimore, MD 21202