Federal Government Shutdown Assistance

Baltimore City is home to more than 3,000 federal employees who are now furloughed due to the government shutdown. For those families suffering as a result of this senseless shutdown, please know that city government, its employees, its partners and the residents of Baltimore want to help. We have prepared this resource list to assist furloughed federal workers avoid utility service interruptions, negotiate with lenders to avoid impact on credit ratings, and avoid scams targeting them.

– Mayor Catherine E. Pugh

Furlough Response Resources

Department of Public Works

  • Water bills
    • Late fees waived and payment plans available for federal employees/contractors

Department of Recreation & Parks

  • Recreation program fees
    • In addition to helping federal employees and contractors with water bill payment plans and waived late fees, Mayor Catherine E. Pugh announced today that fees for Department of Recreation and Parks programs for all federal employees, contractors, and their school-aged children will be waived for the duration of the government shutdown.

Baltimore City Health Department

  • Health Clinic services
    • The Health Department offers clinic service at two locations for City residents who have low income, are uninsured, or are Medicaid-eligible:
      • 1515 North Ave
      • 620 North Caroline Street
    • The Health Department also offers oral health care for City residents for a sliding scale fee, and accepts most Medicaid/Medical Assistance plans.

Mayor’s Office of Human Services

Mayor’s Office of Economic Development

  • Career Center Services
    • Through its Career Centers, MOED offers recruitment events, job search assistance, and skills training for City residents.


  • Payment Arrangements/Installment Plans 
    • BGE will offer multiple flexible payment arrangements to accommodate customers who are currently not receiving pay due the government shutdown 
  • Due Date Extensions
    • Customers who currently have their bills due can have their due dates extended to accommodate their current situation 
  • Budget Billing
    • BGE will also work with customers affected by the government shutdown to make their budget billing retroactive considering their current arrearage
  • Deferred Service Terminations
    • BGE will work with customers who are in threat of termination with alternative payment solutions 

M&T Bank

  • Consumer Banking & Lending
    • Impacted customers will be allowed to defer payments or make partial payments until they’re reinstated with back pay. 
      • They just need to tell M&T verbally that they’re affected by the shutdown M&T has empowered their branches and contact center to waive maintenance and non-sufficient funds fees on deposit/checking accounts for impacted customers
    • If impacted borrowers contact M&T for assistance, they’ll suppress adverse credit reporting, postpone repossessions and waive late fees for the duration of the shutdown (for consumer mortgages, loans, lines of credit and credit cards)
    • If a borrower doesn’t receive back pay after the shutdown or can’t bring the loan current, M&T will work with them on other available options, like loan modifications or workouts
  • Business Banking
    • M&T is having conversations with every customer impacted by the shutdown to evaluate their options
    • M&T is continuing to process SBA loan-guarantee applications
      • Making sure all paperwork and closing documents are prepared so the SBA can approve them with the push of a button once the shutdown ends
    • For customers who need assistance in the interim, M&T is offering support in the form of: 
      • Loan deferrals
      • Interest only payments
      • And short-term bridge financing to supplement any loss of operating revenue caused by the shutdown
  • Commercial Banking
    • M&T is actively reaching out to let their impacted customers know they are here to support them and that they’ll work with them on available options
    • For customers who need assistance in the interim, we’re offering support in the form of: 
      • Interim loan modifications,
      • Interest only payments
      • And/or fee waivers to supplement any loss of operating revenue caused by the shutdown

Well Fargo

  • During the shutdown, Wells Fargo is automatically reversing monthly service and overdraft/non-sufficient fund fees for any customer who is an employee of an affected federal government agency and whose payroll check was direct deposited into the customer’s account in November 2018
    • They will also work with customers who do not have direct deposit or are not receiving an automatic fee reversal on an individual basis to assist them
  • In addition, late fees on consumer credit accounts will be suppressed for those who are an employee of an affected federal government agency and whose payroll check was direct deposited into the customer’s checking account in November 2018
  • For customers who are having difficulties making their loan payments due to the shutdown, Wells Fargo will work with them to identify short- or long-term assistance options that may be available
  • Wells Fargo Home Lending customers who contact the company to discuss payment options won’t be assessed late charges or be subject to negative credit reporting, and applicable foreclosure activities will be placed on hold, for up to 90 days
  • Additionally, they have set up a Government Shutdown Assistance webpage