Hire One Youth

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By the year 2020, nearly half of the U.S. workforce will be comprised of
millennials. Will local businesses be able to find qualified candidates
ready to fill positions soon to be vacated by our aging workforce?
The Hire One Youth campaign is an opportunity for Baltimore¹s
private-sector employers to help shape the future workforce by
interviewing and hiring at least one 16- to 21-year-old who is
responsible, motivated, and engaged. Job-ready young people are available
for summer or year-round positions.

Program Model

  • Hire One Youth participants must be Baltimore City residents, 16-21 years of age
  • Youth are pre-screened and complete six hours of job-readiness instruction before being available for interviews
  • Each workplace is assigned a job coach whose responsibility is to ensure employer/ employee satisfaction
  • Businesses can choose to hire youth directly on their payroll, or elect to have Baltimore City serve as the employer of record and perform all payroll functions
  • Hire One Youth participants are guaranteed a minimum of 120 hours of summer employment at minimum wage or higher


  • Hire One Youth participants are able to explore varied career opportunities, gain essential workplace skills and form valuable relationships with the business community
  • Youth gain a competitive advantage in the workforce as well as a connection to high-growth industries
  • Enlisting private-sector businesses increases investment in summer jobs, allowing the city to employ youth in greater numbers
  • Employers add qualified young adults to their staff

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