Power in Dirt

  • 737 lots adopted, totaling 1.4 million square feet or 31.6 acres 
  • 80% of these lots revitalized and maintained
  • 34% of these lots growing food
  • 35% overall reduction in service requests to clean up trash on blocks with adopted lots

What people say about Power in Dirt

“Maintaining the lots enhances a neglected part of the community while providing me with a personal outlet of solace and calm in this rough city. “ –Chris, Hollins Market

“Power in Dirt made it so easy for my organization to find and adopt a lot in the community.  The residents that live near the lot are happy that we are creating a pocket park, and during our first workday a neighbor visited the lot with his dog. I'm glad to see that someone is already using the lot!” –Tim, Pen Lucy

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