Mayor's Statement on Texas Federal Judge's Decision to Block President's Immigration Executive Actions

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Mayor Rawlings-Blake Issues a Statement on Texas Federal Judge's Decision to Temporarily Block President Obama's Executive Actions on Immigration

Baltimore, MD (February 17, 2015)—Today, Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake joined with 23 mayors from across the country to respond to the Texas Federal judge’s temporary order blocking President’s Obama executive actions on immigration. The decision delayed the application process for the expansion of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA)—scheduled for tomorrow Wednesday, February 18, 2015until further notice. Mayor Rawlings-Blake issued the following statement:

"Despite this temporary delay, we are confident that the President's executive actions will be upheld and enforced as the law of the land, benefiting millions of families and spurring economic growth nationwide. We are undeterred and will continue our efforts to fully integrate all our citizens, and keep our cities centers of vitality, creativity, and the engine of small business growth. These reforms will be implemented, and we look forward to ensuring all eligible persons will be brought out of the shadows and granted their full rights under the President's lawful executive actions."

Last week, Mayor Rawlings-Blake released the Be Careful. Prepare. Seek the Right Help. campaign to prevent fraud and educate the public on President Obama’s Immigration actions.

"I urge our community to be aware of the changes, and to 'Be Careful' of immigration fraud and notarios. Please continue to 'Prepare' for when the process is open. Lastly, 'Seek the Right Help' by calling 2-1-1 to access information on organizations providing legal assistance."

For more information about the Be Careful. Prepare. Seek the Right Help. campaign, visit

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