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How can I request a ceremonial document?

You can request a Mayoral Citation or Mayoral Proclamation by calling the Mayor's Constituent Call Center at 410-396-4900 or by submitting a Citation & Proclamation Request form that is available online.

Where can I find the Planning Commission Agendas?

The Planning Commission generally meets twice per month, and agendas are available 1-2 weeks prior to the scheduled meeting.The Planning Commission in its current form dates back to a revision of the City Charter in 1947. At that time, the Charter stipulated that the Commission would be a nine-member board composed of: six citizens appointed by the Mayor,the Director of the Department of Public Works or his designee, a member of the City Council, and the Mayor or his representative. 

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How do I apply to be a Baltimore City Youth Commissioner?
What does the Baltimore City Youth Commission do?

The Youth Commissioners work together to accomplish these tasks:

  • Developing and maintaining a three-year action plan outlining areas for study by the commission
  • Reviewing issues relating to programs and services for children and youth
  • Identifying and recommending priorities among programs and services for children and youth
  • Creating a forum for discussions with children, youth, and their families
  • Advocating for services and programs for children and youth
  • Making recommendations for programs, policies, and any necessary legislation to promote the health and well-being of children, youth, and their families
  • Work with both the public and private sector to bring forth the concerns of children and youth, as well as, evaluate programming that will enhance the development of children and youth
  • Develop a communication network to disseminate information about services to children and youth
  • Submit an annual report to the Mayor and the City Council
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Youth Commission
Do you have to be a Baltimore City resident to apply for the Youth Commission?

Members of the Youth Commission represent the 14 council districts. Each voting member MUST be a resident of Baltimore City. The Youth Commission will also be comprised of an additional 14 non-voting members. These non-voting members will be deputy commissioners. 

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Youth Commission
How do I file a financial disclosure with the Ethics Board?

The City's Ethics Law requires City officials, certain employees and those appointed to boards and commissions to file annual financial disclosure statements. These disclosures available to the public. Financial disclosures can be filled out and submitted on line through a secure web portal.

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Ethics Board
How do I register as a lobbyist with the City?

The City's Ethics Law requires legislative- and executive-branch lobbyists to file registration statements and periodic activity reports and areopen to public inspection.

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Ethics Board
Culture & Recreation

The City's Ethics Law requires legislative- and executive-branch lobbyists to file registration statements. A list of registered lobbyists is available at the Department of Legislative Reference in City Hall on the sixth floor.

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